About houseZZ

Here is a place where most of the companies start talking big, but offer less. Well, things are about to change:

  • We’re a small company dedicated to pursue honesty in this field of business. Honesty towards both types of our clients;
  • We will respond to inquires very fast and… well, not with an automated message or bot-type. Honest, human, messages. Did we mention we hate spam?
  • Simple, but yet effective features: registration, listing, messages, map, contacts. Simple as that!

You do need to step out of the big players and start making money by spending less on promoting your property!

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Create an account in one simple step by just filling out a form, clicking on activation and.. that's it!

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Yes, just.. get offers! We will promote every each one of the listings on different platforms!

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Faster than you can say housezZ! Well... maybe faster!

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Very easy and intuitive search. Found 3 properties in 2 clicks. Unfortunately, none of them were of interest to me.

Alexandra Pektovich

Found two cottages online, through your website. Never seen on other platforms. Why?

Viktor Carlton